16-bit Saviour

“I am taking stock of my inventory and planning the next destination in my quest when I hear the muted squeak of bedsprings. I drop my sword and hide behind the lounge as a Moblin shuffles past the entrance to the cave. His skin is the slate grey of stagnant water, hanging loosely in jowls that frame a thick moustache. His nose appears firmly broken, and battle scars stretch across his balding head. The Moblin is not meant to be awake for at least another few hours, but his need to relieve himself has taken him right past where I am hiding. An impossibly long and constant splash sounds from the toilet, evidence of the amount of beer the Moblin drank last night while watching the rugby.”

A CREATIVE NON-FICTION piece about video games, my father, and the relationship between the two. Originally published in dotdotdash magazine issue #8: Gambit.

16-bit Saviour — .pdf download