COSMOS magazine

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES AND BLOGS that I produced as part of an editorial internship and subsequent freelance journalist for COSMOS magazine.

News articles:

13th of April, 2012 — ‘Weird magnetic phenomena give Venus aurora’

23rd of January, 2012 — ‘Levitating flies mimic weightlessness of space’

29th of December, 2011 — ‘Surfing Robots head for Australia’

14th of October, 2011 — ‘Physicists catch a glipse of Higgs boson’

13th of October, 2011 — ‘‘Man flu’ may not be a myth’

12th of October, 2011 — ‘Australian wins Science Prize for new form of chlorophyll’

12th of October, 2011 — ‘Smart plastic innovators net Prime Minister’s Science Prize’

5th of October, 2011 — ‘Cloaking device makes objects vanish in a mirage’

30th of September, 2011 — ‘Artificial leaf converts water into fuel’

28th of September, 2011 — ‘Subduction explains origin of gases in Earth’s mantle’

26th of September, 2011 — ‘Nanowires harness light for super-fast Internet’

23rd of September, 2011 — ‘Tests needed for faster-than-light neutrino’

21st of September, 2011 — ‘Disarming the destructive force of HIV



13th of October — ‘Farewell from Phill

6th of October — ‘One perfect quote

27th of September — ‘Breaking the news (at near-lightspeed!)

21st of September — ‘First week frenzy