Tim And Phill Talk About Games (TAPTAG) podcast

A WEEKLY PODCAST talking about games, and gaming-related issues/topics. See below for semi-regularly updated list of episodes:


TAPTAG#025 — Co-op horror: what makes it so hard to do? We discuss how the transition from single to multiplayer subtracts from the horror experience, and how future games might get around the restriction.

TAPTAG#024 — Game endings: what makes a good one, what makes a bad one, and how they affect us as players.

TAPTAG#023Divinity: Original Sin for PC, difficulty curves, and whether there’s too much hand-holding in modern gaming.

TAPTAG#022Space Run for PC, Space Engineers for PC, space space space spacespacespacespaceandmorespace.

TAPTAG#21 — Local multiplayer episode! Nidhogg, Towerfall Ascension, and Hammerwatch for PC, Steam in-home streaming, and the lost art of couchplay.

TAPTAG#020 — Watch_Dogs for everything, Transistor for PC, dystopian futures, hackable bollards, and art deco cyberpunk.

TAPTAG#019 — Cardhunter for PC, Hearthstone for PC, digital tabletop emulation, more free to play discussions!

TAPTAG#018 — The Death Edition! We talk about death mechanics in games, what makes them good and bad, and how they can be improved.

TAPTAG#017 — The Elder Scrolls Online for PC, Saints Row IV for PC, single-multi-player disease, fun in games, and whither the MMO genre.

TAPTAG#016 — The Banner Saga for PC and Banished for PC, simplicity in games, the awful feeling of letting a character die, and swearing a bit about the word ‘saga’.

TAPTAG#015 — Game making special! GameMaker: Studio for PC, Unity3D for PC, starting from scratch, essential tools, and some general advice from our gamedev elders.

TAPTAG#014 — Bioshock Infinite for PC/everything, Spec Ops: The Line for PC/everything, and an in-depth look into violence in video games as a design choice.

TAPTAG#013 – Titanfall for PC, The Walking Dead for PC, balancing David/Goliath combat, “Wait isn’t this just Brink with robots?”, and the effect of a small girl constantly watching you make horrible decisions.

TAPTAG#012MMOs for all sorts of platforms (but mostly PC), the hype train (choo!choo!), multisingleplayer, and the inevitable vacuum of dead servers.

TAPTAG #011Reus for PC, Starbound for PC, punishing gods, universal exploration, and the benefit of riding the shoulders of giants.

TAPTAG #010 The Stanley Parable for PC, Gone Home for PC, and the question of what a game even really is?

TAPTAG #009Bit.Trip Runner 2 for PC, Game Dev Tycoon for PC, casual games, ‘casual’ games, and what is the price of social gaming?

TAPTAG #008Ingress for Android devices, Bravely Default for 3DS, mobile games, and streamlining the JRPG.

TAPTAG #007 — Our year-end round-up! Our top 5 games for 2013! An echo-ey room!

TAPTAG #006The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing for PC, Contagion for PC, the future of action RPGs, and why having a mobile in the zombie apocalypse can kill.

TAPTAG #005Sanctum 2 for PC, PAYDAY2 for PC, hybrid games, murdering native fauna, and when are enemies more than enemies?

TAPTAG #004Gunpoint for PC, The Swapper for PC, dicks and philosophy, how much fun it is to punch dudes hundreds of times, and best design practise for platformers.

TAPTAG #003Kerbal Space Program for PC, StarForge for PC, terrifying astronaut stories, the sandbox of space, and PowerPoint presentations?

TAPTAG #002Counterstrike: Global Offensive for PC, Guns of Icarus for PC, e-sports, microtransactions, and what gamers are willing to pay for cosmetics.

TAPTAG #001Star Citizen for PC, Pokemon X/Y for 3DS,Kickstarter excitement entropy, crowdfunding, and streamlined gaming experiences.